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Instagram Tricks you Wish you Knew Sooner

Instagram Tricks you Wish you Knew Sooner

Sharing media with family and friends is easier with Instagram. Businesses are also utilizing the platform to find newer ways to connect with their audience. But are you fully using this platform to drive engagement and increase your followers? Do you know everything you need to be the next top Instagram influencer? Check out this guide of Instagram hacks that will provide you with secret intel you wish you knew before. 

Stop Seeing Posts from Specific Accounts 

Don’t want to see what your friend’s brother is posting but do not want to hurt his feelings by removing him from your followers’ list? There’s a simple solution. Mute his notifications without unfollowing him. So, you would no longer see his posts or pictures. To mute specific accounts, you must go to the account you wish to remove and click Mute. Choose whether you want to mute their stories, posts, reels, videos, or everything. 

Remove the Search History 

Nobody wants to be caught red-handed or judged because of their search history. So you can clear the search history of your Instagram account. Navigate to your profile > open the hamburger menu found in the top-right corner > select Settings > click on Security > tap the Clear Search History option. You will get a clean chit, and nobody will know what you’ve been searching for. 

Save your Favorite Videos from Instagram

There can be various reasons you want to save an Instagram video. You might want to take inspiration from the video for your upcoming marketing campaign, or you liked the video so much that you want to watch it later and show it to others. Regardless of the reason, it isn’t easy to directly save a video from Instagram

Using Mac, you can install Pulltube to download and save Instagram videos easily. You must drag and drop the Instagram video URL onto the application and click Download. The app even allows users to change the video quality or trim it. 

Don’t Delete Posts but Archive them 

You don’t have to delete your posts and pictures on Instagram permanently. You can archive them. When you archive your videos, photos, or posts, you hide them but save all the comments and likes. 

To do this, click on the image or post you want to archive > choose Archive. You can review the archived pictures and posts by going to the profile > tapping on the hamburger icon > clicking Archive, and viewing the archive’s stories and posts. 

If you wish to restore all your archived posts, select the Show on Profile option, and they will show up on their original spot.

Schedule Posts 

When creating content for Instagram, you can use a social media management tool to schedule your posts. Thanks to the Instagram scheduling tool, it is possible to schedule posts in advance and use them in the future. 

Add Line Breaks in Captions 

While scrolling through your posts, your followers would not want to read boring captions. You can assume control over your caption’s pace and create line breaks. There’s a simple hack to create line breaks. You have to click on edit to make changes to your images and slide to the caption screen. You have to write the caption for your post and then click the 123 key on your keyword to access the return key. Then, hit the Return key to add breaks. 

Limit or Turn off Commenting on your Posts 

You can limit or switch off comments if you have an enormous following and don’t want many comments on your pictures or posts. You can only enjoy the likes. 

To turn off or limit commenting on your posts, go to your profile and click on the hamburger menu. Then, click Setting > select Privacy > tap Comments. You can set the manual filter for certain words and sentences. You can also choose to hide offensive comments and auto-filter rude language. 

While you cannot switch off commenting on your entire profile, you can disable them on your posts by following the above mentioned steps. 

Use the Hands-Free Mode to Record Video 

Instagram’s hands-free mode is one of the best things you can use. This mode understands users’ instructions and is best for recording videos. To open the Instagram stories camera, you must swipe right from your home screen. Then, swipe through the several options on the side panel. It would be best if you stopped at the hands-free recording option. Then, click the record button at the bottom of the screen and start recording your video. You must click the capture button again or allow the maximum time to run out to quit recording. 

The Bottom Line 

These are some of the Instagram hacks you need to know if you use the platform in 2022. Don’t lose out on making the most out of this platform.