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How Your Business Can Change To Become More Environmentally Friendly

Looking after the environment is at the forefront of a lot of business owner’s minds’ as we become more and more aware of climate change and the impact it’s having. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as there are changes that you business can make to help. In actual fact, a lot of the changes are pretty small in the grand scheme of things. But they are actually the most impactful ones to make. So, keep reading and discover how easy your business can change to become more environmentally friendly.

1. Use Sustainable Packaging 

One of the biggest changes all businesses should make is using sustainable packaging. From printed takeaway bags to coffee cups, all of these will have a negative effect on the planet if they aren’t able to be reused or recycled. There are so many options available now that there’s not really any excuse for not using them. Lots of packaging companies offer biodegradable options or at the very least, one that can be recycled easily. It’s not beneficial to your or your customers to give them something that they have to travel to get recycled. This will mean that people will chuck it away rather than make a separate journey. So, by removing this possibility by using sustainable packaging, you’ll be doing more than enough to save the planet.  

2. Ditch Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastic is terrible for the Earth, as it always ends up in the landfills, unable to break down for hundreds of years. So, if you want to make your business greener, then you need to stop using it wherever possible. From the cups at the water cooler to the tubs you sell your cakes in, it all needs to change to something much more sustainable. Kraft paper and cardboard are more than suitable replacements for most of these needs and it’s a lot cheaper to buy as well. Items like cutlery tend to be made from single-use plastic, so make sure you take this into consideration too. Try things like wood and other easily compostable materials, or you could even encourage customers to bring their own as well. Whatever you decide to replace the plastic with, make sure that it’s easy to recycle or can be re-used. Once you make the change, you won’t even notice a difference in your daily operations. In fact, you’ll have much less waste and you’ll be drastically reducing your carbon footprint. 

3. Cut Down On Waste

Waste is inevitably going to happen sometimes, but you want to do your best to cut down on it. Food waste is a big problem, and while food will naturally decompose, the energy needed to create it is completely wasted. So, try to ensure that you don’t over order perishable stock and try to offer discounts on things that need to go. You’ll be surprised at how many people love a bargain! Receipts are something that most businesses will offer, but paper ones are putting a lot of strain on the resources. So, instead of printing of paper receipt after paper receipt, try making a move towards the digital type and offer it as an email instead. Most people won’t be bothered by a receipt anyway, so you’d just be wasting paper. But if they do or don’t want it emailed to them, then that’s not wasting anything at all. Make sure you analyse every aspect of your business and see where you could cut down on waste. You’ll be shocked at what you find! 

4. Conserve Energy

Energy usage is essential for all businesses, but the amount that is used every single day is pretty crazy. The planet is struggling to keep up with the demand for energy that’s created from fossil fuels, so it’s time to make a change. Try switching to a provider that uses renewable energy instead, and instantly you’ll be helping the environment without even doing any strenuous work. Another thing that you should try and do more often is save energy. It’s staggering the number of businesses that leave all their lights on at night, so make sure you turn yours off when they’re not needed. You can also buy energy saving bulbs too, which can make a difference to your energy consumption and your bills. With a little extra thought going into how much energy you’re using each day and working to decrease it; you’ll be doing more than your fair share for the planet. 

5. Use Local Suppliers

Another top tip is to use local suppliers. If you were to take a look at where you get your produce or materials from, do they come from the other side of the country or a different one altogether? If so, why not check out what local supplier can offer you. You may find that they offer you a much better deal as the shipping doesn’t need to be as expensive because they’re close to you, and they might want to work with local businesses. Less energy will be used as well when it comes to delivery or shipping which is great for the environment too. You’ll be helping keep your carbon footprint low and forming relationships with other local companies. So, make sure you take the time to invest in your local environment and check out suppliers closer to you. 

There are so many ways that your business can become more environmentally friendly, and they aren’t all that difficult either. These changes may seem small to you, but they’ll actually make a huge difference the health of the planet. You don’t need to be a huge business to make a change either. Even the newest businesses can do their bit to help, and it will help you demonstrate to your customers that you care about the environment. So, why not spend an afternoon going through different aspects of your business and seeing where you can make eco-friendly changes. You’ll find that the changes are easy to make and will give you peace of mind that you’re working towards a brighter, greener future.