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skin tightening

How effective is skin tightening?

When you’re born, your skin is loaded with proteins called elastin and collagen. These proteins provide your skin tightening and flexibility. As you age, your body’s manufacturing of these proteins slows down. As a result, your skin starts to lose its flexibility.

Thanks to gravity, pollution exposure, stress, and the hundreds of motions that your face muscles do every day, your skin could start to seem stretched or droopy. Other circumstances, such as pregnancy and weight reduction, can also lead to stretch marks and drooping skin.

Nonsurgical skin tightening treatments target regions of your skin that have grown loose and encourage collagen formation below that skin. The two primary methods of therapy are:

in-office treatments conducted by a qualified provider \s at-home equipment you can use to give yourself treatment

n-office skin tightening treatments

Radiofrequency (Thermalift, Thermage, and Exilis) (Thermalift, Thermage, and Exilis)

Thermalift was the first technology to apply the notion of “waking up” or repairing lost collagen. Thermalift employs a gadget to administer regulated radio waves to the region of your skin that you would like to tighten. The treatment is done with topical or no anaesthetic, and no recovery time is necessary.

Thermage only one treatment session, however some people benefit from numerous treatments. Other methods of radiofrequency therapy frequently require numerous sessions to achieve benefits. Whether you undergo one treatment or numerous, benefits are only somewhat evident right away, and normally take 4 months to take full impact.

Intense pulsed light/radiofrequency (Velashape) (Velashape)

Velashape is a gadget that purports to target and reduce fat cells. It employs a portable gadget to transmit infrared rays into your skin layers to break away fat deposits.

Radiofrequency waves are also utilised. This treatment doesn’t require anaesthetic. Several visits are typically recommended to acquire the most obvious benefits.

At-home gadgets

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound skin tightening employs ultrasound waves transmitted deep into the skin to encourage collagen formation. Handheld gadgets that utilise this technology can be obtained online and at select beauty supply outlets.

These gadgets aren’t inexpensive and need to be used frequently if you want benefits. Without the experience of a skilled provider, it’s conceivable that you won’t find these gadgets beneficial.

For the face

All of the therapies listed in this article are authorised for the face, neck, and stomach. Thermage, Thermalift, and Exilis are popular treatments for the face. Velashape works on the face, but is more usually advised for bigger regions of the body.

For the stomach

The stomach has a larger surface area than the face. It’s also more prone to stretch marks and sagging. While Thermage, Thermalift, and Exilis operate on the face, Velashape is commonly indicated for the belly area.

Does it work?

The minimal amount of information that we have on noninvasive skin tightening treatments would show that these treatments do function. While the benefits are not as dramatic as microdermabrasion, laser treatment, or surgical techniques, these studies demonstrate that patients do experience tighter skin.

A 2015 review

Trusted Source of the medical literature on radiofrequency treatments indicated that 96 percent of investigations concluded radiofrequency provided substantial outcomes. However, the same evaluation indicated that many of the studies had major issues that may possibly influence the conclusions.

An previous study

Trusted Source released in 2011 concluded that radiofrequency is an effective approach to decrease face wrinkles. This study was substantially constrained by its sample size (just 6 people), yet the results were encouraging.

Another 2011 research

Trusted Source found that a consumer product that used radiofrequency radiation to tighten skin was safe and effective. This study, too, was restricted in size, which undermines the findings.

More recently, a 2017 studyTrusted Source on 25 participants revealed that radiofrequency-based skin tightening procedures were effective after five to eight sessions. Participants also reported very high satisfaction percentages in their results.