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Digital nomadism

Digital nomadism: what does it mean to be a freelancer and how to make sure that you’re going to find that next project?

Today being a digital nomad is not new anymore: countries even offer special visas to those who work remotely and want to test a variety of corners of the world as their new home. For example, Portugal offers extremely favorable conditions today, this country is ready to let in people with remote income online. This is not the only case – this kind of lifestyle is now being treated as favorably as possible, and in many ways this happened because of the pandemic. People have learned that it is not necessary to be physically present in the same month all the time for work, and now many people prefer to continue to lead the same lifestyle rather than return to what it was before.

What does it mean to be a freelancer and how to make sure that you’re going to find the next project? A freelancer is a person who is not bound to an office or any other workspace and is always finding work for themselves. In fact, the digital nomad (freelancer who often moves to different cities or countries) depends solely on its own equipment, which is easy to transport even in hand luggage, not to mention full-fledged luggage. There are different ways of nomadism: someone does not stay in one place for longer than a month, turning the long trip into a challenge, and someone settles down in a new country or city for several years. Anyway, all these people depend on something else: on stable remote earnings, which is needed to provide the same (or at least approximately the same) good living conditions in different parts of the world. As a rule, most of them are on long-term contracts with large firms and companies, but there are exceptions. One way or another, all of them must be able to present themselves to the customer and be able to find this customer at all costs, otherwise it may jeopardize their entire way of life.

Where to get new customers? You probably know the answer yourself: in social media. There are business social media, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, there are less official Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. In each of them, you can organize a working account and interact with people around the world. It seems that the flow of customers can be endless – in fact, it is, but only if you already have a developed profile in one of these social networks that demonstrates you as a professional and makes you want to cooperate with you. Otherwise, things may not be so rosy. What if you are just going to become a digital nomad and for this you need to prove yourself online? Instagram promotion and how you can buy Instagram followers and significantly shorten your path to success with this service will be discussed in this text. We will also talk about expediency, efficiency and safety, among other things.

Thanks to progress, it is quite easy and pleasant to develop social media today, if you are not afraid to turn to professionals for help. In particular, to those who are engaged in selling followers, likes and comments for Instagram, if you are interested in growth on this social platform. Previously, help could only be found from professional SMM managers who took responsibility for everything: for the design of the profile, for the content plan, and for interaction with the audience, and for audience growth, respectively. However, their services are not so cheap, and not everyone wants and can afford them. This is especially true for those who work for themselves and do not represent a company or brand. For such people (these are digital nomads), services that allow you to independently decide what to buy and how to apply it are relevant. 

How to be sure that the transaction will be safe and that in the end you will get exactly what you wanted? It’s pretty simple – you need to make sure that you are buying real subs, not bots. If a huge number of fake pages start coming to your profile in the form of subscribers, Instagram can throw your profile into a shadow ban, and you will never be able to function normally on this social platform. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the matter wisely and without haste – evaluate the reviews from previous clients of the site that sells followers and draw conclusions before proceeding further. The chance to buy real Instagram followers will not go away from you, but the reputation can be ruined very quickly. As well as the statistics of the page’s activity in this social network.

Account security in general is very important for a remote employee or freelancer: if you haven’t done this yet, be sure to install two-factor authentication and carefully monitor what data your employers or new business partners (or page promotion services) require from you online. You should understand that nothing but publicly available information should fall into anyone’s hands except yours. This can seriously affect you and your professional life, so it’s best to always double-check the information and make sure that you and your online resources are safe.

The phenomenon of digital nomadism will certainly spread further – already today there are entire settlements in which people work together remotely. This can be called the coworking of the future – where it does not require a physical office and a single company that will unite employees. Of course, you can always work from home in pajamas, but this does not give such impressions as the opportunity to move from place to place, get to know new people, build new business and informal connections and enjoy life. If you are thinking about such a lifestyle, weigh the pros and cons: many people do not manage to get used to constant movement, there are people who need to settle down for a sense of stability. But personally, it seems to us that there is nothing more stable than the ability to ensure a good life in a variety of places, being a sought-after specialist. If you just have to come to this, do not hesitate to use paid promotion services: take our word for it, the vast majority of freelancers, bloggers and entrepreneurs have used them at least once to get off the ground. This is normal, and in general it is rather foolish to reject what gives us today’s progress in the online sphere.

Summing up: evaluate your opportunity to become a digital nomad not only from a professional, but also from a psychological point of view. Find out about special visas and programs that are offered in different countries today to decide on your first destination. If you are still in the process of finding your first remote customers, engage in the development of social networks; both professional and semi-formal. This will help you acquire new business connections and find your first orders that will help you move to wherever you would like. If you have just started developing your pages in social networks, be sure to pay attention to paid services that will help you move from the starting point. Try to make this promotion as natural and natural as possible, do not waste time on old and broken methods and do not be afraid to invest money in your page. Trust us, you won’t regret it; make your purchase safe and be sure that you’re taking on only real services of the highest quality, that cannot be extremely cheap. Be smart and thoughtful with what you’re doing and you will see great changes coming shortly. Good luck!

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How to start off as a digital nomad? We would not recommend doing it without a found remote job: so your first step would be looking for an employer and at the same time making sure that you have all the needed technical equipment on your hands. Try to move to another city in your country first: it will give you a glimpse on what a nomad’s life can be without spending too much money on registration of documents and buying tickets for going abroad. If you will find your own interest in such life, you will be able to move further a little bit later. 

Which countries are best for such a lifestyle? We would recommend Spain, Portugal, Barbados, Thailand, Costa-Rica, Croatia, France, Mexico. All of these countries offer special conditions to people who are fond of digital nomad lifestyle and can support them while moving. But the list of conditions vary a lot, so you should definitely spend some time checking for them and for the ones that suit you best. Plus, keep in mind that climate is also quite different, and you should include that in your list of pros and cons for each country as well. These countries also offer visas for employees who are working remotely for a long time: Georgia, UAE, Germany, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Mauritius, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Norway.