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5 Ways You Can Use Embroided Patches With Any Outfit?

Did you know you can design your own embroidered patch so you can wear what you love on your clothing every day? Embroidered patches aren’t just used for unforms (although they do mainly feature on them!), they can be added to your clothes to brighten them up and add a dash of personality! Read on as we look at how you can wear these patches with any outfit.

Types of patches 

You can create your own embroidered patch to look exactly how you would like, whether that’s to show a logo, an image, or a saying. They can be used so that you can represent the things you love throughout your day, and as a way of identifying teams, schools, workplaces, and clubs. There are a few different types of patches to choose from depending on what you are using them for. You can choose sew-on, iron-on or stick-on patches, choose from different sizes, shapes, and colours. You can also choose from woven, PVC or printed patches to suit your preference – there are so many options to choose from! 

1. Jackets 

Embroidered patches look great on jackets and adding them to your favourite means you can wear them with pride and finish every look off by adding a bit of your personality. You can add them to a plain jacket and create a whole new piece by placing a variety of patches on the back to make a mural of all the things you love. Embroidered patches go hand in hand with denim, so adding colourful patches and getting creative means you can create that 90’s aesthetic we all know and love. 

2. Caps 

You can choose an embroidered patch that can be added to almost any garment, and even accessories like caps. You can design your own cap by adding one of your favourite patches and placing it front and centre so you can wear it for all to see. This is also great if you’re on a budget – you could buy a plain coloured cap at the fraction of the price of a branded item, and simply add your own personal touch to it. 

3. Tote bags 

Reusable bags are becoming more popular as more of us move away from single-use plastic, and choose a strong, and reusable option to carry our shopping in – but you don’t just have to use your tote at the supermarket, they can be fun accessories too! You can add an embroidered patch to your favourite tote bag to wear with any outfit, so you can represent your favourite brands and things wherever you go! 

4. T-shirts 

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your wardrobe or looking to make your old clothes a little more exciting, you can do this easily with embroidered patches. You could add a bit of colour to a plain T-shirt with your favourite patch – you could decorate it with one single patch in the centre, or place a few on one side to create a new design. You could choose contrasting colours to create an eye-catching garment that sets you apart from the rest, whilst giving your clothes a new lease of life. You could even try adding some to the collar of a shirt. 

5. Uniforms 

Embroidered patches were originally made specifically to be worn for identification, and they are still used in this way today. You can add embroidered patches to a uniform, whether that’s for school, a team, or a club so you can represent your identity and what you are a part of every day! You can add them to backpacks, t-shirts and even accessories like hats and scarves – there is something for everyone!