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Logo Design

5 Variable Logo Design Techniques That Work

The business landscape is increasingly becoming competitive in recent times. To grab the attention of your target audience, standing out is vital. That is why businesses invest in website development, SEO, social media, and more. However, what brands often overlook is the importance of the logo. A logo is much more than just symbols, shapes, letters, and colors. It is the most important visual that differentiates your brand from others in the market and makes our brand memorable. Logos speaks a lot about brands and establishes a connection between the business and the customers. In the digital era of today, the variable logo is gaining momentum. With the increase in the number of platforms used by customers, variable logos have become important. In this article, you will get to know about the variable logo design techniques that can skyrocket the success of your brand. 

What is a Variable Logo?

Variable logo involves designing unique layout and styles of your logo to connect with different audiences. It allows brands to deliver more convincing messages and build stronger connections with their target groups. In variable logo designing, all you need to do is make changes to certain elements of the logo as per your different marketing campaigns. However, to design variable logos that resonate with your brand the best, you would require the use of some special tools. If you want to know about such tools, you can read this article for more details on this issue. With the use of the right tools, you can easily design your variable logo and connect with different audiences better. While the variable logos are not new, they are highly in trend in recent times. 

The Best Variable Logo Design Techniques for Your Brand

Want to start designing your variable logo? In that case, here are the 5 best techniques you must know about. Let’s dive in!

  • Color Variations

One of the best techniques for designing variable logos for your brand is color variations. The color of the logo is an important element to grab the attention of your target audience. When you are planning to create a variable logo, it is vital to take the color preferences of different customers into consideration. For instance, if your brand targets both young and adult individuals, you can change the logo colors as per the audience. When targeting adults, you can opt to use sophisticated colors. On the other hand, when targeting younger individuals, you may think of using vibrant and bright shades to easily grab the attention of your audience. It helps in making your brand memorable among all your customers equally. You may even use shades of the same color to design different variants of the logo.

  • Negative Space

Negative space is another prominent technique for designing a variable logo. The negative space technique is also referred to as white space. It is all about using alternative colors in graphics in order to bring dual imagery. The main aim of using negative space in logo designs is to surprise the viewers or target audience of your brand. As an image remains hidden in the space, your target audience will be surprised when they discover it later. It can help in making your brand more memorable and enables you to stand out in the crowd. When designing a variable logo for your brand, you can change the image that remains hidden as per the interests and preferences of the target groups.

  • Leverage Different Themes

A unique theme is one of the best variable logo design techniques that is trending in recent times. It allows you to add a unique theme to your logo as per your specific events. This technique is mainly used to communicate information relating to special events of your brand. For instance, if you are in the eCommerce sector and offer special discounts on your products on festive occasions, you can use your logo to convey the message. You can add some specific themes related to the occasions to capture the attention of your target audience. Some examples of the themes you can add to your logo include Halloween, Christmas, and much more.

  • Use Variable Fonts

Apart from using different colors, you can also use variable fonts to create a variable logo for your brand. Creating variable logos with different fonts mainly focuses on making the appearance of the logo more prominent and appealing on different devices. For instance, if you want to put up your ads on billboards on the roads, it is best to go for bold fonts. It ensures that the people passing by your billboard are able to clearly see your logo. On the other hand, when promoting your brand online, you can opt for the thin and sleeker version of your logo. Such designs are easily visible on mobile devices and laptops and offer a sophisticated look to your brand. 

  • Variable Imagery

Variable imagery is yet another significant variable logo design technique that is prominent in recent times. It is similar to the use of different themes. Instead of themes, you use images to promote different events. This technique proves to be helpful for brands when hosting grand events where celebrities will perform. You can add pictures of celebrities to attract the attention of people towards upcoming events. One of the best examples of a brand that leveraged this technique is the Perm Opera Ballet and Theatre of Russia. 


The importance of a logo cannot be overlooked because 75 percent of customers are known to recognize brands by seeing the logos. That speaks a lot about how important a logo is for your brand. When it comes to brand logos, the use of variable logos has become highly popular. It allows connecting with different target audiences on various platforms easily. It helps in establishing stronger relationships with the customers. Now that you know the right techniques, it is time to leverage them. Design your variable logo with the best design techniques and reach out to your target groups the best.