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source wave seo

I do a lot of SEO myself, and I like to think of it as SEO on steroids. I go to a lot of conferences. I like to learn and I like to see other people learn. I also like to see myself in other people. So I started out as a blogger. I was just one blogger writing about SEO, and I had all kinds of cool things to say about SEO. I was also the first person in my industry to start writing about SEO.

Sourcewave does a great job of being a blog, but their SEO is pretty much just pure blogging with some SEO added in for the right people to read. It’s a very smart and effective way to build a following. My readership is still on a pretty small scale, but I do think they’re doing some pretty awesome SEO.

I think it’s safe to say that my readership is pretty small. I just have a very small audience, so I don’t really see much SEO value in my writing. But Sourcewave is doing a great job of building up a readership. I really hope they keep up the good work and I’ll keep up with them on Twitter.