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Seven Reasons why you should consider Online Assessments

1) Question Paper Protection

Question paper leaks have been the most significant problem of every organization before the assessments as it compromises the outcome of the results and leads to massive reputation failure. Any online auto proctoring software should encrypt the question papers (using the most elevated form of encryption norms AES 265) and help to keep your question paper safe – the key to launching the examination permanently stays with the investigation body. For login access management, an online system makes use of powerful multi-factor authentication. Both of these safety tools are military-grade and operated by banks and payment websites.

2) Automated Result Processing

External/internal invigilators pay a tremendous amount of their useful time updating answer sheets and developing methods to cooperate (offline) to obtain standardization and clarity in their grading software. Web proctored exam automates outcome processing, preserves time, and brings in consistency. In the case of impressionistic queries, it permits teachers to cooperate and grade the candidate’s answers online. Responsibilities are segregated and confidential access is provided to all stakeholders, which permits internal, and external evaluators, and COE, to operate as a group (online) with specified assignments. Re-evaluation of responses is also feasible. Organizations can designate ‘functions’ and describe ‘rules’ for outcome processing.

3) Remote Supervision and Proctoring

Web proctored exams and test centers are outdated nowadays. Auto proctoring encourages organizations to remotely observe and proctor their learners. These Digital “TestRooms” increase monitoring through artificial intelligence algorithms and provide in-depth insights to the Human Proctor(s) who are constantly observing their learners in digital “TestRooms” to take disciplinary action. Agents can break the test; develop signs or complete the examination session (from remote) to prevent any attempt to copy, collaborate, and/or defraud. AI algorithms develop a candidate’s behavioral profile for the representatives to take suitable action. This assists in raising the procedure manifolds.

4) Foundational parameters

Web proctored exam is a very impressive tool that works well on the FOUR necessary parameters necessary for thriving online assessments– it is favorably scalable, very dedicated, incredibly safe, and delivers improved productivity.

  1. The system has been developed to be ‘flexible’ and can automatically grow in capacity as the burden on it rises. This confirms that the number of learners taking the examination together is never a limiting aspect
  2. For assessments, dependability is of the greatest significance. Dependability ensures that the candidate can begin the assessment and finish it. Online proctoring ensures dependability by combining amazing elements at the student-end and in the back end. It delivers extended disconnection management at the student-end and comprehensive failover and disaster-recovery mechanisms (at the back-end) to confirm that the continuous examination resumes without disturbance.
  3. Safety is important in the assessment process – And, protection is needed not only during the examination but also pre-exam where the question papers must be constructed and kept securely, and post-exam where the responses and evaluations need to be guaranteed. These tools are incredibly safe and operate the most powerful encryption algorithm in the world.
  4. Automation (and online partnership) of assessment movements allows organizations to gain increased levels of productivity. Web proctored exam allows automation of movements connected to operating researchers and developing their examination programs and automating assurances linked to which candidate does which test. The online mode of examination is favorably scalable, improves productivity, preserves journey time and expenses, and provides the highest levels of safety and test goodness.

5) Mobile Proctored Examinations

Usually, candidates in remote locations are incompetent to handle their assessment tests, this occurs if your learners are located in municipalities with insufficient internet connectivity or encountering regular power outages. The mobile test-taking app permits your candidates to seamlessly transfer their assessments to their portable devices without any misplacement of data. Test Engine arrives with mobile apps to permit you to combine answers of your learners when the assessment is on mobile or has subjective questions – this enables you to speed up outcome processing.

Many auto proctoring apps allow you to do away with the requirement of utilizing laptops and solve the issues of candidates who do not have access to laptops, it also permits seamless control over mobile test apps in case of power/Internet outage or any situation in candidate’s laptops. The mobile examination app can be utilized for taking both Proctored and Un-proctored examinations. In proctored examinations, the candidate is established via facial analysis and is constantly observed during the examination. Every non-compliant activity is logged, and students’ Trust Score is lowered.

6) Online Evaluation (Subjective Questions)

Internal/External supervisors have a seamless knowledge and can observe subjective questions digitally to automate outcomes processing. These marks/statements can be re-evaluated (if needed). Web proctored exam also delivers precise analytics of the examination paper, class, and separate performance.

Student’s Portal allows the students to view their examination answers. The personal dashboard allows candidates in the self-performance search and productive education. The student’s portal is a storage of all the examinations carried by the learner. It permits researchers to check their answer sheets (if allowed). If the Question Paper setter has classified the questions with education objectives, difficulty classes, and Bloom’s Taxonomy then it develops a comparative investigation of the student’s interpretation of his/her class for every examination taken. It also plans the learner’s improvement based on past examination arrangements.

7) Build your Brand

Transferring your assessments online creates your trademark and places you as a “forward-leaning” organization. The “Future of Assessments” is digital– globally organizations have adopted new ways of online education and online assessments. Digital examinations are safer, highly scalable, and bring clarity and educational credibility.

Auto proctoring saves and improves your “Education Brand” by not only providing assessments without any information leaks or disruptions but also by providing your learners and teachers a great user knowledge with an in-depth understanding of their examination performance and examination integrity.

8) Competitive advantage for students

Online exam-takers gain an advantage over their peers in national and state-wide competitions. They stand out from the crowd because of their demonstrated mastery and practical experience when it comes to tool use.