How Women Can Style the Seven Most Popular Types of Hat

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Women folks often doubt while styling various hat styles. They get confused about what would look good on them. Frankly speaking, there’s no such hat that won’t suit a lady’s crown! You just have to know how to style it with the right kind of outfit. In this article, you will learn about creating a new style statement and making an impression wherever you walk in only by wearing something as innate as a hat! 


Berets were initially a part of the service uniform and are said to have originated in Spain and France. They were introduced to the fashion world much later. Berets do not have rims and have a flat appearance. All the fashion bloggers have fallen in love with this hat style recently. You can get them in cotton, wool, or acrylic. If you want to add a classy edge to your attire, a beret would be your go-to hat. 

  • Styling a beret

Bodycon dresses, black trousers, pantsuits, and pencil skirts are some of the outfits that team well with berets. Since these hats are sure-shot eye-catchers, do not overdo the ensemble with any other impressive accessory like a large tote bag. You can take a small sling bag or tiny clutch and let the focus be on your hat solely.

Cowboy hats

These western headpieces need no introduction. Cowboy hats are no more reserved only for the New Mexican or Texan folks. You will find that most fashionistas keep at least one cowboy hat in their wardrobes. These hats give you great protection against the scorching heat of the sun and save you from getting blinded on a hot summer day. 

  • Styling a cowboy hat

Given that the cowboy hats have a huge and wide structure, you would want to stay with a sleeker ensemble. A white shirt (preferably with the collar tucked in), tight jeans, and boots would make you look all so trendy. 


If you are planning an outing to a horse racing event or want to attend a catholic wedding, derby hats are a very good choice. This iconic English hat has an aesthetic and elegant appeal. They are not meant for everyday wear. Only special occasions deserve such a hat.  

  • Styling a derby

You can bring out the perfect look if you try a sheath dress with a fab clutch, a sleek necklace, nice pumps, and of course, a derby hat to top your head. 

Fur pillbox hats

A fur pillbox hat for women is the perfect head-topper option for the winters. It’s fluffy and hard. The fur will help to keep you warm in cold weather. 

  • Styling a fur pillbox hat

Since you will be using it in the winter season, you should choose your clothes accordingly. A turtleneck sweater (preferably black), tapered pants, and a solid-colored plaid blazer would really merge well with the hat. Adding some fancy accessories will make your look resemble a fashion icon straight out of a magazine. 


Men were the initiator of wearing fedoras, and the women later caught on with the trend. Men and women have different styles of the fedora to flaunt. The hat worn by ladies has feminine features and often possesses embellishments like flowers, little pearl ornaments, or ribbons. The confidence that a woman sees in her when she gets all decked up with the right makeup and clothes, adding a fedora to that look, enhances that feeling.

  • Styling a fedora

Fedoras demand a relaxed and casual style to work its magic. Floral dresses, jeans with an overcoat, or jumpsuits go well with this hat style. And if carried properly, it can make a lasting impression. 

Cloche hats

Cloche means “bell” in French. So, you can quite well guess why the hat got such a name. This hat gained popularity in the early 20th century. Women even opted for a new short hairstyle (Eton Crop) to showcase the hat’s form. They confer you a vintage appearance. 

  • Styling a cloche hat

This hat style possesses a dressy and royal appeal. So be careful when you are choosing an outfit to go with it. If it’s bold attire that you want to wear, go easy with the accessories. It will not make you appear too flashy. Shirt dresses, turtleneck garments, button-down tops, etc., look well with a cloche hat. But avoid wearing flats because it will be a look spoiler. A stiletto or a pump best suits a cloche hat.  

Floppy hats

Floppy hats are a game changer when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun’s rays and at the same time, aid you in adding a fashion statement to your beach vacation. When you pair it with a bathing suit, it gives you the oh-so-stylish look. 

  • Styling a floppy hat

It’s not that you can pair them with a swimsuit only. Wear a floral dress, tees, jeans, tank tops, asymmetrical skirt with a floppy hat, and you are good to go anywhere you like. 


So, which hat are you going to try out first? No matter what you pick, be confident while wearing it. The rest will fall in place. 


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