Digital VR and AR technologies are already a reality of our time, although until recently they seemed impossible. Virtual reality and augmented reality are used in construction, manufacturing, medicine, transportation, sales, and, of course, the entertainment industry. Many of us associate virtual reality primarily with interactive games and goggles in which you can see the game from an unusual angle. Even in the gambling industry, VR is starting to gain popularity – not long ago, live games appeared in such virtual casinos as jeu DE Blackjack en ligne, and today some casinos present the possibility of VR casino games. A new round of activity that gave hope for the successful future of AR technology happened in 2016 with the game we all have played. It is the well-known Pokemon Go. The game changed the idea of ​​augmented reality. And it also had an impact on the way AR and VR are used in digital marketing. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality seem to be good methods to deliver informative content to the user and present the product in the best light. The application possibilities of VR and AR in marketing are simply huge and there are still many possibilities to discover if you work in this area.


The companies which produce makeup products also use AR in their promotional campaigns as well. So, Sephora and MAC produced catalogues that invite clients to view the product in full size and turn it in different directions. In addition, you can estimate the amount of the product with this technology.


The social media giant Facebook has also discovered virtual reality marketing for itself and created a virtual space called Facebook Spaces. In it, Facebook users can enter a virtual world as an avatar, meet friends, watch videos and pictures together, and more. The prospect of virtual worlds is very reminiscent of the hype a few years ago around the “Second Life” theme. If the idea is accepted, the offer will greatly expand in such virtual worlds in the future. This also means that new marketing opportunities will open up for all marketers and companies. And if you’re a company that still has doubts about whether VR or AR will resonate with customers, incorporating 360° videos is a solid first step toward virtual content marketing.


A great example of AR in marketing is the IKEA app “IKEA Place”. With this app, online shopping customers can display IKEA furniture three-dimensionally in their own homes, rotate it, change its colour and place it as they wish. Of course, app marketing with AR function works not only for furniture but as the next example shows, also for makeup. This is just one example of how digital marketing via AR apps can work.  


Virtual reality marketing is also an interesting way to announce new products. Luxury clothing brand Gucci once launched an AR feature in its app to promote its new line of sneakers. Users can point the camera at their feet and see what different styles of sneakers would look like. The app tracks movement, so the shoes can be seen from different angles.


With these digital technologies, the product of the company can be tested virtually, which increases product understanding and provides an emotional product experience for the customer. And it increases customer loyalty. AR and VR are also widely used in marketing campaigns. For these, the potential customer only needs a smartphone or tablet with a camera and the AR app. Thanks to widespread free WLAN, the user can now try out the AR app from home or on the road and fall for the charm of the marketing campaign. AR apps allow products to be tested before purchase and improve the buying experience, as product uncertainties are greatly reduced. 

All these examples just show the possibilities of using VR and AR technologies in digital marketing. In fact, there are many more such examples. And such immersive advertising is a new step in the interaction between the buyer and the product. It can be a digital lookbook, and the opportunity to go on a virtual tour of the company. Despite the fact that introducing these technologies into the business unambiguously requires individual costs, they are really worth it.


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