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Website redesign

Advancements in technology over time render the current website obsolete and warrants website redesign. Some of the historical instances have been the shift from table based design to table less design and most recently the shift to responsive design since search engine major Google updated its alogorithm to prefer mobile friendly websites in mobile based search results.

Top Reasons for redesign

Reasons for redesign may vary from one business to another but the most common reasons are:

  • The desire to have freshness in the look and feel of website frequently
  • Redesign of logo or other marketing collaterals
  • To make the website SEO friendly
  • To optimize for social media
  • To replace redundant technologies like Flash
  • To accommodate Blogs
  • Up gradation to CMS based platforms like Wordpress and Joomla

Redesign process

The redesign process is comparatively easier than building the website from scratch as some of the content could be reused. The major steps involved in redesign are as follows.

  • Creation of Sitemap and architecture
  • Selection of technology for development
  • Content development based on sitemap
  • Short listing images
  • Pooling of assets like whitepapers, case studies etc
  • Design brief for the web designer based on business needs

We would like to help you with the redesign of your website. Please feel free to contact us for more details on our redesign services.

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